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Updated: Mar 14

I want it to make it easy for you to stay informed about what God’s up to in our midst! I am sure you have noticed an increase in emails, voxers, shared sermons/messages, and gathering plans 😁. This is because my heart is that we keep our finger on the pulse of the spirit movements and happenings among God’s people as well as understand how our amazing tribe is connected to it.

⏰In 1Chronicles 12:32 the tribe of Isachaar are honored as people who were able to discern the time and season they were living in as well as what to do in response. "The tribe of Issachar supplied 200 leaders, along with all of their relatives under their command. They kept up-to-date in their understanding of the times and knew what Israel should do.”

So what is God was doing on the earth and how are we invited to partner? It’s crucial that as kingdom emissaries, we are able to answer the question: "What time is it?” This is why there has been an increase in prophetic words and messages coming at you from my direction😉. 

In an effort to streamline, I’ve added a blog to my website where I will post important updates (like this one). So if you want to be sure that you are up to date, you can head here to catch up. I am hoping you can build it into your rhythm to check in every week or so when you have time to get informed. I will have important podcasts and teaching linked within the messages as well.  For those of you who like emails: No worries! I also plan to continue to send these out 😉.

So, what time is it? Join me on Wednesday 2/7 & Thursday 3/7 at 6:30PM CST for our Freedom Zoom as we unpack it together. 

👉🏼Ok— speaking of lots of things to share here’s a powerfully anointed message about the season we are in. My heart was burning and I was trembling on the inside when Lou Engle spoke about the reformation and revival and the salvation of the lgbtq community. It's is from the Freedom Tour that Jenny D. (of Don’t Mess With our Kids & Her Voice Movement) is hosting this week in Texas. Dafne is there now — and I’m taking my girls to the one In LA at Aimee Semple-McPherson’s Angelus Temple this February. (Let me know if your heart is stirred to come!) Lou even speaks about Beni and how we’re continuing her legacy as we intercede and take communion. He is calling it the Communion Revival! 🥖🍷🙏🏼 If you haven’t listened to any messages I've sent this month, start with this message by Lou Engle! (Scroll to about 45 minutes in and you’ll see a beautiful woman giving a powerful declaration followed by Lou’s message). ENJOY! And let me know what God shows you.

Born for such a time as this,


PS I now have an event calendar 🗓 on my website now as a central place for you to check and make sure you don’t miss out on what we’re planning together 🤸‍♂️. 

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