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Prophesy Your Year Event!

Updated: Feb 21

Did you know that the word translated “obedience” from the greek can actually be more literally defined as being “under the influence of hearing”? Hearing and the ability to obey go hand in hand. What if we made more space to hear the word of the Lord so that we could know with clarity how he’s inviting us to respond to his voice and partner with him in obedience? 

Jesus was under the influence of hearing all his days, and it was his connection to the voice of the father that enabled him to distance himself from the effect of what he suffered (John 5, Mirror Translation). His connection to the Voice of Life fueled all that he did. 

My heart’s cry is: God, let me be under the influence of hearing every day of my life! His words are my life (Deuteronomy 30:20). They impart grace—that is supernatural empowerment—to obey (Ephesians 4:29). We also know that faith is a gift that comes from hearing his spoken word (Romans 10:17). What could you accomplish with the boldness that comes from knowing that you are moving forward in what he spoke to you? Could this be an insight into what it means to act in his name?

Would you like to stretch your spiritual muscles and start recognizing God’s voice in your everyday life? If this is your heart’s desire, then you will love the "Prophesy Your Year” lab. I attended this course in my time at Bethel Church this fall and I am already seeing the fruit I’m my life. I am so excited to share in it with you when I return to Texas this spring!

This experience serves as your point of entry into a deeper conversation with God about your own life. In this lab, I will guide you through prompts and activations for upcoming months. By the end of the lab, you will have compiled a collection of words (written by YOU) that you can refer back to, investigate, and steward. This class is YOUR invitation to a scavenger hunt for the voice of God in your own life!

So often it seems simple to hear God for other people, yet when it comes to our own lives, there’s a block. In the Prophesy Your Year lab you will discover what God is saying about your current season, receive prophetic insight, and set yourself up to uncover the voice of God in your every day. 

In this 3-hour lab, you will receive instruction on how to prophesy signs, create a prophetic calendar that marks your personal prophetic theme each month, and speak into others' seasons. In other words you will create a prophetic journal with what you heard from God as well as words from other participants for the months of 2024. You will leave encouraged and equipped to partner with God in every season. 

The "Prophecy Your Year" lab is designed to help you:

• Learn to hear from God for your own life

• Practice hearing God without pressure and perfectionism

• Hear what God is saying about 2024 and use these tools for years to come

• Recognize different ways God may be speaking that you have previously missed

You do not need to be advanced in the prophetic to take Prophesy Your Year, but you do need to be willing throw off perfectionism, take risks, and show up!

The lab fee is $150. 

This event will be hosted in person in the San Antonio area. RSVP by hitting reply to let me know which dates work for you from: 3/30, 4/21, 4/27, 4/28 from 1-4PM. (Let me know all the dates that work for you so that I can select the one or two dates that work best.) 

In addition, if you would like to host this event, please let me know asap. We need a private, undistracted space that can comfortably seat about 20 women with clipboards. (As a thank you, the host will receive half off of the lab fee or they can give that discount to a friend of their choice.)

RSVP soon, so that I can be sure to set a date that works for you!

Under the influence of hearing,


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