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My Approach


 I empower people remove all that is hindering them from oneness with Jesus. We have been given access to the mind of Christ by our spirits. I equip people remove that which blocks them from accessing his thoughts. I've taught others to tune in to God's voice since 2008 through listening prayer models including but not limited to Freedom Prayer, the Immanuel Approach, and Bethel Sozo. What I do is centered in the presence of God and the promises from his Word. He is the best counselor, coach, healer, comforter, and teacher. 


I incorporate the tool gained through my experience ministering healing prayer and prayer counseling combined with years of mentoring others to walk in communion with God as an ordained minister, along with my training from being in the ministry and Healing Rooms team at Bethel Church in Redding, CA.


Hundreds of hours of ministry sessions have proven to me that it is common for mature believers to have areas in their life that are disconnected from the presence and voice of God as well as from their own heart’s desires. This disconnects them from living an abundant life.

I’ve gained strategies from observing the divine solutions that God imparts to his people in their sessions. It is my great joy to journey with others to discover and remove what is hindering them from living their life to the fullest. Together, we partner with God to create strategies to overcome and to re-engage with God and their truest selves. Healing from past traumas and walking forward in our identity is process which gains momentum through goals, loving accountability, and consistency. I've witnessed powerful transformation in those who commit to this journey. Read their testimonials here.

In my coaching, individuals encounter the radical love of God in tangible ways in prayer and meditation. 

We strategize to apply what God teaches them in practical ways. This looks different in each person: setting healthy boundaries, changing your relationship with food, learning to rest, discovering and embracing your divine design, learning to love and nurture your body, creating an internal atmosphere that is conducive to thriving in health and hostile toward dis-ease, keeping your love on in your relationships, inviting God’s strategies in your work place, finances, relationships, meal plans, breaking trauma cycles, making choices from a place of being well loved versus continually striving for love, approval and affirmation. The end goal is to be empowered with the ability to be the best version of yourself, living in communion with the Spirit in every area of life. Ready to start your journey? Sign up here.

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