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Journey with your Spirit Tribe

Unleash the power of your spirit within the collaboration of a tribe.



  • This TRIBE Experience will run from Nov '23 -July. '24. 

  • Tribe Member Investment: $275/month for 9 months

  • Registration closes on 10/15.

  • Participants will need the book Blessing Your Spirit, by Sylvia Gunter & Arthur Burke.

  • This offer is available by invitation only.

  • Spirit Tribe Level 2

    Every month
    Heal, become, & unleash your wild spirit within a tribe.
    Valid for 9 months
    • Monthly Spirit Coaching- 75 mins
    • Monthly Tribe Partner Sessions
    • 4 Tribe Gatherings Via Zoom
    • REGISTER BY 10/15
Pay it forward:
Give towards tribe member scholarships in whatever amount makes your heart smile.
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The Bible says...

Do not to regard one another according to the flesh, but according to the spirit.
What if you started doing that for yourself?
What if there were others with the same intentions who would commit to doing so for you?


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