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Gathering of Kingdom Builders


You are on a short list of women receiving this email because I believe that you are kingdom builders who are already part of the spiritual fellowship that sprang to life years ago. This has been such a place of life which has nurtured our hearts and that of many others who have gotten to sample it.

So what’s next? How do we steward it well? In reverence and awe, I lay these questions before the Three continually. This past summer I believe I got our marching orders for 2024. 

This is what we’ll talk about tomorrow. 

Y’all, please pray for me as I discern how to share this vision that I believe is close to the Father's heart. Agree with me that we will give Holy Spirit the time and space he desires to reveal his heart and blueprints for this spiritual community. It will take more than one meeting to grasp its fullness. 🙏🏼

We can be certain of this—Freedom House is Papas House! We are building a safe home for the prodigals to return to—a place for women encounter the lover of their souls and the truth of the being—and a place for them to be sent out from, setting up His House everywhere they go. 

Doesn’t your heart burn for this?!

To prepare, will you do me a favor and listen to these incredible teachings before we meet tomorrow? They're from Ed Silvoso, who was the keynote speaker at the Leader’s Advance at Bethel this fall. His message has borne the incredible fruit of cities transformed in Jesus' name. At the same time, it is a simple plan that is accessible to every believer. 

His teaching connected a lot of dots for the vision of Freedom House, which I have been carrying in my heart for many, many years. I dare you to listen and NoT be inspired and empowered!

1. The Father’s strategy for his church (15 mins) This is a big picture vision for how our fellowship can impact a region. Don’t get lost in the details for now.

2. Abiding: The key to praying prayers that God wants to answer (10 mins) A crucial part of our calling!

See you at this link, 6:30-8:30 CST.

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