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About Inviting Lenay

Lenay is passionate about the power of hearing and then speaking God's words which are spirit and life. She specializes in speaking on topics that facilitate a tangible, joyful connection between God and his people.
Some of her favorite topics include: hearing God's voice, the gift of forgiveness, walking in oneness with God, accessing healing, living out freedom, living under the influence of hearing, maintaining an authentic connection to God, excavating your essential self, responding authentically to the Holy Spirit, encountering God through the Bible, living connected to Father's heart and your own, and the creative power of speaking God's words. 
Jesus is the Living Word of God and it is Lenay's heart to connect people to the person of Jesus. When this happens, the fruit in the life of the hearer is authentic hope, tangible peace, encouragement, empowerment, freedom, healing, identity, hope and great joy.
It is her great privilege to be a part of what God is doing all over his kingdom! To invite her to participate in what he's doing in your world, fill out the form below.

Speaking Engagement Testimonials

Lenay's life was her message at the retreat, a living invitation into oneness, wholeness and abiding. She oozes delight - her delight for her Heavenly Father, His delight in her and His children. She believes what he says and stays on a constant sweet simmer of joy, peace, rest, hope and faith."
"Oh what a glorious day!! It was perfect in every way for me!! I am so thankful I was able attend and God inspired you to inspire others!! Inspiration leads to transformation!"
"What a beautiful time of restoration! A BIG thank you to you and your beautiful team as they poured out into each woman — into me! I SO needed that — needed to be refreshed, encouraged and to reconfirm what Jesus has called me to do! ... I’m SO hungry for MORE!"
"Lenay's presence is a Healing Balm to the Body of Christ."

Invitation Form:

Some helpful guidelines to consider as you submit this form:


Outside of San Antonio, Texas, airfare, food, and lodging expenses are to be covered by the hosting church or organization. The honorarium will be determined based on the event and emailed in the speaking engagement agreement.

Thank you for the honor of your invitation to be part of what God is doing in your city!

Thanks! Message sent.

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