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Marked by Heaven

Updated: Feb 26

Marked by Heaven

November 12th, 2012 was a day that marked me forever. It started when I attended a workshop called “Rewiring the Brain through Prayer” by Dr. Jeffrey Barsch at a Sozo Summit hosted by Bethel church in Redding, CA. He asked for volunteers. I watched him minister to two people, demonstrating his healing tools. I normally wouldn’t volunteer for such a personal experience to be done in a public setting, but I sensed that Dr. Barsch had something for me. The fact that he gave powerful prophetic words to the those who had gone before me was a big motivator. So heart pounding, I raised my hand.

He led me through his healing process where discovered and broke agreement with a lie I had believed: my brain is unusually limited. This belief had caused me to limit what I believed I could accomplish, causing me to freeze when given certain tasks, such was doing math while others watched or reading a map accurately. We went through a few steps to unravel this lie and then when I asked Jesus for the truth, I saw a vision of a translucent cord that was connected to my mind and then floating upwards, connected to the brilliant, glowing, massive mind of Christ. 

I saw an exchange of information transmitting through the cord, like electricity. It reminded me of an umbilical cord connecting an infant to its mother, the source of its life. Jesus spoke that my mind was limitless. By my spirit, I could sync up to God’s thoughts, which were infinite. He had so much to impart to me through this spirit connection. He could help me overcome that fear that had me frozen, and that was just the start. He wanted me to tap into a spiritual intelligence that was well beyond human capabilities.

This invitation was worth the cost of my admission, but then Dr. Barsch gave me a prophetic assignment that rocked me. His vision excited and frightened me. There was no doubt that it resonated, although it felt much bigger than me. But that was the point. 

Dr. Barsch was an older man who had eyes that pierced beyond the natural realm, the mischievous smile of a childlike spirit, and words that carried great authority. His vision was of me reading books in the libraries of heaven and transcribing what I read, making it possible for others to read them too. He said that I had a calling on my life to write books. These books would enable people to experience heavenly places that they had not previously been able to access.

It was one of those moments that mark you; I was forever altered. I knew that he spoke truth. His words reached into my heart and touched the dream of my ten year old self. My fifth grade teacher believed in my gifting and even left a note in my yearbook suggesting that I dedicate my first published book to her.

I left the Sozo summit on cloud nine, marveling in the goodness of all I’d learned and experienced. I was so ready to worship at Bethel’s Friday night service. I remember that I was about to head toward the same side of the church where I was used to sitting when I decided to ask the spirit where I should go. He clearly directed me to move the other side of the room and worship at the front. I do not have the appropriate words for what happened that night. I will do my best.

I was immersed in my own communion with God when the sounds of uproarious cheering startled me. It was very out of place because we had moved from lively praise into a slow paced, worshipful song. I opened my eyes—everyone was looking up. Naturally, my eyes followed theirs and my mouth likely fell open too. There was a sort of haze above anyone’s reach, and there was what looked like gold glitter floating within it as though suspended in the air. 

The glitter was playfully dancing and swaying, completely disregarding the laws of gravity: it would go up and down and side to side. I couldn’t see any flecks falling to the ground. We continued to worship—now with a lot more enthusiasm. We like children who had been invited to play in the kingdom. A sense of awe and wonder captivated me. I felt so loved. After a lifetime of believing without seeing, here was a tangible sign of God’s manifest presence. We fondly dubbed it the “glory cloud”.

The Israelites got to see a cloud by day and a pillar of fire at night to guide them, and here we were, just ordinary church goers doing what we’d done many times before… but this time the atmosphere of Heaven permeated Earth. The glory cloud would ebb and flow, growing in density and then thinning out. 

After an hour or so, it seemed to have subsided and the church leaders began to wrap up worship (which had already gone way past the normal time frame), but just then the cloud appeared again… in full strength. They wisely decided that we weren’t done and the worship team launched us back into worship.

We’d been at it for a good while when I noticed that the woman in front of me had gold dust on the back of her neck and in her hair. I began to examine myself in curiosity. The person behind me kindly told me that my hair and my back was sprinkled with gold flecks. They pointed out that many of us wore a golden shimmer. This led to laughter, bewilderment, and more worship.

I remember going to the restroom when it was all over and I could see the shimmer covering my face and arms. Some other wide-eyed ladies were also looking in the mirror. We marveled together at the way we had been marked. 

The gold remained after the next morning’s shower and then began to fade after about 24 hours or so. 

An interesting note is that I was about 3 months pregnant with Ani at the time. My unborn daughter was marked too. When she was nearly two, gold began to manifest on our arms and faces as we worshipped or prayed. 

I’ve had years to process this and I can’t explain what happened other than it was a sovereign sign and wonder. Years later I heard the pastors at Bethel talking about this phenomena. I learned that this happened twenty-six times in the span of about two years. And I, who was just visiting, got to be there for this occasion. When I learned this I asked God why I was given this privilege. He simply said, “I marked you."

I don’t believe it was a coincidence that I was called to write a book that is to be a portal from Heaven to Earth just hours prior to this unique encounter. I believe that God desires to be experienced by his kids and he will use art, sermons, inspired conversations, prayers, music, books, and beyond! He was inviting me to make him manifest through this writing project. I believe that he will show up in real ways in the worlds of those who read it.

I’ll share more in my next blog about how an angel confirmed this to me about three years later. Stay tuned!

P.S. Hear the Senior leader of Bethel share about the glory cloud and see it on video here.

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