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2024 Prophetic Word: It's GO TIME! 👟

Updated: Feb 17


This video shares what I am hearing for 2024, specifically for January. It starts with a an invitation to renewed clarity of vision that comes from feasting with Jesus. You can expect encouragement, strategies for health, supernatural dreams, and eyes to see the “sudden-lies”on your path. Those who participate will be locking arms to cover each other in prayer for physical healing and guidance for the new year. 

Big things are happening this decade! The time is now to make yourselves ready and stay awake with your oil lamps full. This video ends with a blessing for your new year. 

Only the enemy benefits from the messages of doom and gloom about our future! Did you know that “apocalypse" simply means to “ reveal” or “ uncover"? If we are living in the end times then it means that it's time for the sons of God to uncover the revelation of Jesus for all the earth to see! Who’s with me?

We are those who lift our eyes and see the times and seasons from God’s vantage point. There are many prophetic voices— including my own—who are declaring that God is winning. Revival is in the air! We are invited to usher it in with our participation, prayers, and worship. I hear the spirit’s call to the church: awake awake, Sleeping beauty. Let Christ shine on you! This is your golden hour. This is your hour of power! Determine to lock eyes with Jesus and fix your gaze not he author and finisher off your faith. It's tome to run to win! Go! go! Go! He who has called you is faithful and will finish the good work he began. He holds out his hand to you saying: will you trust me? (This song comes to my heart from Jesus to you.)

Please take a listen to what I am hearing here and let me know if you will be joining me in the feast/fast from 1/7-1/13. (I will provide a way for those of us who are participating to stay connected and share what we are hearing.) 

Separately, I’m so grateful for those of you who have already affirmed that you want to intercede and/or sow into Freedom House. I want to remind you to about our first Freedom House meeting on 1/10 at 6:30 CST. I will record it, but I would prefer for you to be there live so that you can ask questions and share what God has been speaking to you about it. There are parts of the blueprints and strategies that he will put into your hands. We need all the voices and perspective to build something that’s bigger than any individual person. Come learn how you can participate!

I don’t know what this decade holds, but I know the one who holds it is good and he’s on the move! Let’s move with him together! As I write I see a large wave coming and am reminded of all the dreams I’ve had of waves symbolizing a great move of his spirit. Who wants to go surfing?

Praying for you,


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