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Healer's Mentorship

The Healer’s Mentorship is designed to empower and launch healers. Prepare to be further equipped to minister healing and freedom to yourself and those on your path. Learn what this looks like through your personal healing expression.

This group will be a safe place for you to observe and participate in ministry sessions, and receive healing ministry for your own heart as we explore ministry tools together and in an intimate community of healers.

During this program, you will learn how Lenay facilitates a various types and lengths of ministry sessions with applications in different scenarios using different tools and methodologies. Most importantly, you will hone your own unique healing expression. 

Healer’s Mentorship is a 9 month program which includes: 

  • The Healer’s Advance: A day of live ministry demonstration, participant led ministry sessions, teaching, group ministry time and fellowship in the Holy Spirit. Each participant will minister and receive ministry. We will also listen to the spirit on one another's behalf as we begin to discover our own healing expression. 

  • Monthly Group Activations via Zoom:
    • Instruction, Application & Demonstration 

    • Ministry exercises in pairs or trios

    • Question & Response Time

    • Observe and lead a one issue ministry session.

  • Monthly Personal Spiritual Life Coaching Sessions (60 minutes) 

  • Opportunity to lead a ministry session. For those who wish to lead a ministry session, you will lead a volunteer through a prayer session on a team with Lenay and two other class members. The ministry session will be followed by a discussion of the session methodologies. These will be recorded. Please request this option when you register for more details.

  • Monthly Healing Partner Connection (60-90 minutes): This time is for you to discover more about your healing expression and express it. You will also get to practice various prophetic and listening prayer exercises together. These can be done remotely or in person. (You may opt out of this part of the program, if you wish.)

  • An ongoing Voxer Community Group where you can ask your questions, get responses and feedback, prayer for each other, and share testimonies as you practice.

  • Unlimited access to all recordings of our monthly Group Activations and the participant led ministry sessions. 


To recap, the Healer’s Mentorship includes: 


  • Healer's Advance: Together, we advance! We'll launch the mentorship with a day of live demonstration, teaching, participant led ministry and fellowship. We'll launch the Mentorship via Zoom on Saturday, 4/30 from 1-7PM CST. 

  • 8 Group Activations on the 3rd Wednesday 6-7:30PM via Zoom. Starting with 5/25 through 12/14.

  • Opportunities to observe and lead ministry sessions

  • Unlimited access to the class and ministry session recordings

  • 9 Healing Partner Sessions 

  • 8 Personal Sessions with Lenay ( 60 minutes each)

  • 1 Identity Coaching Session with Sammy Vale

  • Ongoing support and community connection via Voxer Community

  • Opportunities to offer prayer ministry at the Inspired to Create retreat this May

  • Connection to solid healer’s resources/materials/events

  • Companionship and motivation that comes from doing this with other healers

  • Small Group, Inquiry Based Instruction with time set apart to both give and receive healing ministry

The total tuition for the Healer’s Mentorship is $2997.
(9 Month Payment Plan Available for $333/month)​

Impartation. Activation. Inspiration

To register: Select your choices from the drop down boxes, then click the yellow button to pay the $50 registration.
Registration Deadline: 3/30/22.
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