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Healer's MasterClass

This course is designed to support, equip, and launch healers. This mentorship will further equip you to tend to the hearts and bodies of those that God brings to you.

In this MasterClass, I will guide a hand-picked group of healers and help them hone their own unique expression of God’s healing so that they can confidently lead others into wholeness, breakthrough, and freedom.


This group will be a safe place for you to learn, grow, take risks, ask questions, try new things, practice, and receive healing ministry for your own heart as we explore ministry tools together and in an intimate community of healers. 


 The result may look like:

  • Leading a Healing Prayer ministry in your church

  • Creating a healing culture in your sphere of influence: business, home, church, practice, etc.

  • Becoming a Spiritual Life Coach

  • Adding tools to your tool belt for your own unique ministry/business/retreat center/coaching or medical practice

  • Choose your own adventure! What we will learn can be applied to whatever area of healing that your heart desires.

Healer’s MasterClass is a 9 month program which includes: 

  • A Healer’s Foundation Course: a full day of in person instruction, connection, and hands-on exercises. (This will also be live-streamed via Zoom.)

  • Access to the online Healer's MasterClass course including 20 hours of teaching from Lenay and four other expert healers.

  • Monthly Live Zooms: this 90 minute session will include: 

    • Training/Impartation 

    • Ministry Application: use what you learn by ministering to someone in the group 

    • Q&A Time

  • Monthly Private Spiritual Life Coaching sessions with Lenay (60 minutes) One on one healing sessions based on what is stirred as you learn, as well as mentorship as you spread your wings in applying healing tools in your sphere of influence.

  • Monthly peer sessions with a classmate. (60 minutes) The women I am inviting are stellar. You will benefit greatly from this time with each other. This time is for you to discuss progress, practice tools, talk through road blocks, and create a plan to overcome. 

  • Assigned lessons and activations: reading/watching teaching videos AND using the tools we are learning to help yourself and others.

  • An ongoing Voxer Chat Group where you can leave voice messages for me (and others in the group) to ask your questions, get answers and feedback, and share testimonies as you practice tools.

  • Unlimited access to all recordings our meetings to listen again or if you miss a session. 


Some of the things we will explore include:


Healing Tools

  • Guiding others in listening prayer

  • Ministry to the human spirit

  • Using your spiritual gifts to heal 

  • Releasing Trauma

  • Generational Deliverance

  • Dealing with the Demonic

  • Receiving counsel from the Spirit

  • Sozo Tools: Father Ladder, Presenting Jesus, Four Doors Concept, Bringing Down Walls

  • Leading someone through forgiveness that is from the heart

  • 5 bar moments

  • Trading up

  • Identifying harmful mindsets in others

  • Bringing wholeness to those who are divided (Identity Work)


Personal Growth

  • Building confidence in your connection to the Holy Spirit

  • Listening with God's ears and maintaining a culture of honor

  • Creating healthy boundaries

  • Avoiding co-depenence

  • Leading from internal rest

  • Identifying your healing gifts

  • Acknowledging that you ARE a gift


Leadership Skills

  • Teaching others to connect to God's voice

  • Troubleshooting when your clients get stuck

  • Providing loving accountability

  • Quickly building trust and rapport with clients/prayer partners/pastors/ministry team

  • Leading others into freedom by connecting them with Truth

  • Teaching people to think with God about their future and dream with him

  • Helping others receive strategy and practical application from the Holy Spirit

  • Launching and leading groups


Spiritual Authority

  • Prophetic Deliverance

  • House/Land Cleansing

  • Imparting peace

  • Entering into rest

  • Ministering physical healing

  • Flowing in words of knowledge & wisdom

...and beyond! I will keep the group small so that I can give inquiry based instruction. The course will be built around your needs and interests.

Staci, HMC Graduate

This has been a life-giving, growth experience for me. We shared intimate time with special guests… learning about their field of expertise in a personal setting and the ability to ask questions. We have been poured into by Lenay. Getting to glean from her the many facets of inner healing that she has learned over the years and the gifting to each one of us from her experiences as a healer! But the real gift is the community of women in this program and how we learn from each other, champion each other, love, pray and empower each other. Learning in this grace-filled, loving, and empowering atmosphere is the beautiful way ‘healer’s heal while being healed.’


Dafne, HMC Graduate

The Healer’s Masterclass was so much more than I expected! Everything from the guest expert teachings to Lenay‘s in-depth trainings to the additional resources we were given to enrich the experience were all so valuable. I didn’t just learn HOW to be a healer, I learned that I AM a healer because it’s who my Father is and I’m created in His image. Every powerful lesson drove that truth of my identity deeper into my heart. I can’t recommend this course enough!

Mature Woman

T. HMC Graduate

I have a peace in my spirit and my life that I have never known before. A peace to accept myself as God sees me and cease striving, I am learning to embrace how I was created and I no longer fear or hide from sensing the move of the sprit or from discernment or visions. I am learning to overcome a lifetime of performance and perfectionism and learning to be kind to myself. I love how lavishly I experience Jesus's loves and that He lets me partner in how he loves and heals others.” 

To recap, the Healer’s MasterClass includes: 


  • Healer's Foundation Course: A full day of in person, interactive training. July. 10th, 10:30AM-6PM

  • 8 live, interactive monthly Zoom Trainings, every 3rd Wed at 6:30 PM CST starting with 8/18

  • Access to the online Healer's MasterClass Course contains over 20 hours of teachings by expert healers

  • Unlimited access to recordings of our class zoom recordings

  • 9 Healing Partner Sessions (60 minutes each)

  • 9 personal coaching sessions with Lenay (60 minutes each)

  • Ongoing support and community connection via Voxer

  • Connection to solid healer’s resources/materials/events

  • Companionship and motivation that comes from doing this with other healers

  • Small Group, Inquiry Based Instruction with time set apart to both give and receive healing ministry

  • Upon completion, you'll be invited to the Level Two Healer’s Mentorship where we will minister to clients together. You will lead a session, then we’ll process/learn from what we did together. (This is only available to those who have completed this Level One Healer's MasterClass.)

The total tuition for Level One of the Healer’s MasterClass is $2,880.
(9 Month Payment Plan Available for $320/month)​
  Click here to apply.
Course is limited to a small group, so don't hesitate if your heart is stirred to join. Registration closes on June 25th.
**If you received a personal invitation, skip the application form (linked above).   Instead, click "Buy Now" button and then fill out the form below.**
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