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Life-Givers Circle

Engage with the Trinity.

Be encircled within a tribe of life-givers.

Unleash your inner life-giver!



  • Life-Givers will run from October-June 

  • Member Investment: $275/month for the duration

  • Registration closes on 9/30.

  • This course is available by invitation only.

  • Life-Givers Circle Monthly Subscription

    Every month
    Flourish & within a community of life-givers. Learn how to impart God's life to others.
    Valid for 9 months
    • Monthly Spiritual Coaching: 75 minute personal sessions
    • Foundation Course on 10/21, 1-7CST via Zoom
    • Group Activations: 3rd Weds of Jan, March, May & July 6:30PM
    • Monthly LG Partner Sessions
    • Unlimited access to teaching in our online classroom
    • Please set up this subscription by 10/4
Sunrise on Nature

The Bible says...

Do not to regard one another according to the flesh, but according to the spirit.
What if you started doing that for yourself?
What if there were others with the same intentions who would commit to doing so for you?


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