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Healing Immersion

Be immersed in the healing presence of the Trinity.

Join Lenay and her team of healers for a full day of revival for your spirit and healing for your heart

on September 2nd.

We will retreat to the stunning Convergence Ranch in Blanco, TX for a full day of serenity, worship, rest, heart care, and a delicious, nourishing menu prepared by a gifted health coach.

You will receive ministry in small group settings as well as learn methods that will empower you in your personal journey toward wholeness.

Come soak in the living words of God which will restore, heal, and renew you -- spirit, soul, and body.

 Experience the accelerated healing and breakthrough that happens within a community of healers!

A group coaching session is also included as a follow up to this experience.


"He offers a resting place for me in his luxurious love.
His tracks take me to an oasis of peace near the quiet brook of bliss.
That’s where he restores and revives my life.” 
Psalm 23:2&3

Saturday, 9/2

10 Welcome & Spirit Blessing
10:30 Small Group Reception
Enjoy healthful refreshments& get to know your new friends.
11 Live Worship
Zach Leal is anointed to lead people to the father's heart in encounters that break trauma and restore intimacy.
12:30 Unburdening Your Heart
A testimony that releases the grace to forgive & truly accept & celebrate yourself.
1:30 Contemplation Exercise 
Restorative Beauty & Solitude
2 Lunch is Served
Enjoy a nourishing meal prepared with the oversight of a health coach.
(We prioritize organic/Non GMO ingredients and avoid the major food allergens and processed sugars.)
2:45 Listen to the Voice of Life
Hear from God in small groups.
3:30 A Story of Breakthrough
A testimony of hope that was born out of the storm. Learn how to cultivate your own anchor of hope.
4:30 Be washed in the water of the Word.
Be bathed in the spoken, activated words of God from scriptureHis words heal us!
5:30-6  Final Blessings & Goodbyes

Choose from Two Participation Levels:

This day will be bathed in prayer. Our intercessors will begin praying for you by name from the time that you sign up for this event.

What My Event Attendees Say...

"A prime environment for the Holy Spirit to work...Priceless. "

Register Here:
1. Select a payment option & follow the prompts
2. Click the big black pencil to fill out your registration form.
3. Check your email for your conf
Email with questions.

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