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January - July 2023 (Class 7PM Every Third Tuesday, Scheduled Coaching Calls, Scheduled Partner Calls)

What if you don’t need to change who you are; only cultivate who you are created to be?

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  • 7 Monthly Classes

    • How Identity Shapes Reality

    • Human Needs and Identity

    • Meet With Your Core Identity

    • Internal Conflict Resolution

    • Internal Team Building

    • Memory Work Within Identity

    • Expanding Identity and Skills

  • 7 Personal Coaching Calls

    • Personalized one on one class review with Q&A

    • Guided skill practice for developing a powerful internal dialogue

    • Receive practical application for navigating identity shifts

    • Receive experienced help interpreting the symbolic language of the subconscious

  • 7 Identity Journey Calls

    • You'll meet remotely once a month with a fellow identity traveler.

    • This gives time for you understand and affirm your unique inner core together.

    • Guidance for each meeting will be provided to you.

    • Witness the power of your core identity in newfound coordination and resolve. 

Unbelievably Simple and Intuitive

The creative power of Heaven and Earth exists within your inner world. In truth everything you have ever experienced has been experienced from within your mind. No event you have ever witnessed has not been defined and even curated by your mind. Everything from what you notice, see, choose to interact with, and remember, is all shaped by the mind’s desire, and the mind’s desire is defined by who you think you are… who you tell yourself you are. But what if there’s more to YOU than you could ever imagine? What if that place deep inside is just waiting for you to show up? 

Undeniable and Unforgettable

Unlike anything else, this course is designed to train you in developing your own vibrant, loving, and authentic internal dialogue. Together we will meet the parts of ourselves that define who we are and how we see the world. The things that we establish in this unique discipline will undeniably change us. Most people report stunning positive changes within months of their first experience with little or no effort beyond the sessions themselves. What we will learn to do in this course, will undoubtedly become a way of life! 


In this course you will learn how to give positive representation to the subconscious networks that define who you believe yourself to be. You will bring new community, love, and respect into the world where your inner being resides. You will learn how to bring compassionate leadership into the core of the very thing that makes you who you are. You will be given the skills and knowledge necessary to bring positive and permanent change to places inside of yourself that you never knew were accessible. You will be confronted to love and accept the parts of yourself that you had once, in ignorance, chosen to hate. This is very real and truly powerful stuff. If you are not serious about loving, accepting, and giving a voice to your truest self, do not open this door. 

This course is open to men and women. It is created and taught by Sammy Vale, author of First Aid MWE What Everyone Needs to Know About Healing The Mind, Will, and Emotions. A ten year veteran in inner healing, Sammy specializes in the psychological and neurological underpinnings of inner healing, communication with the subconscious mind, and symbolic representations in dreams, myths, and stories. For eight years he has developed a method of Identity Work which is being taught here for the first time. 

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