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Cancellation Policy 

One on One Sessions:
The monthly appointment schedule is regularly filled to its capacity. Once you choose your appointment times, your monthly subscription reserves those time frames for you. If you won't be able to make your appointment, please give a minimum of 21 days notice via email to I understand that things happen! Please give as much notice as you can, and know that I will always do my best (even with less than 21 days notice) to reschedule you within the same month. However with less than 21 days notice, be prepared that I may not have any other openings for that month in which case I will not be able to reschedule you, and your subscription will be withdrawn in the usual manner. 

​If you do give your 21 days notice and I cannot reschedule you within the same month, then your monthly subscription will continue as usual and that payment will be applied toward a make up session which will be added to the end of your term.

Group Sessions and Classes:
Classes have a limited number of spots and are closed to new members once they begin. As such, this tuition is non-refundable. Monthly tuition reserves your spot in your group/class for its duration. Due to their nature, they cannot be rescheduled. As such, if you miss a class/group session, your monthly tuition is non refundable. You are welcome to continue attending the class/group despite absences. Class/group memberships run for the agreed term and cannot be cancelled mid term.

Healer's MasterClass & Mentorship, UYES  & Spirit Tribe:
This class has a limited number of spots and is closed to new members once it begins. As such, this tuition is non-refundable. I offer payment plans as a courtesy with full trust that each member will honor their commitment to complete the payments as planned, whether or not they complete the course. When a class is missed, you will have full, unlimited access to the recordings. Upon setting up your payment subscription, you are giving your word to complete the payments through the agreed upon term. No contracts, because I prefer the honor system.
Cancelling your one on one sessions:
If you decide to cancel your program, please provide written notice via email within 30 days of your next appointment in order and your monthly subscription to be cancelled without any penalty. 30 days are required to cancel your subscription and appointments. Payment will be collected for sessions within that 30 day window and will remain reserved for you.

In the unlikely event that I have to cancel an appointment, I will contact you via email and text to reschedule your appointment. I will work with you to set a make-up session within the same month. If we're unable to reschedule that month, then we'll add an additional session to the end of your term.
Cancellations have never been a problem, because we treat each other with mutual respect, honor and generosity. Know that I will do my best to work with you to get the most out of this program. Following these guidelines will help me provide the best experience for everyone on my schedule and be a good steward of my time. Blessings!
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