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Beholding the Beloved Course

You have been hand picked to join my LIVE, interactive virtual course on Beholding the Beloved!


My desire is to live my life out of communion with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


It’s my joy to bring others into that same fellowship with the Trinity. I am a healer and a connecter!


The Beholding the Beloved Interactive Study is the culmination of my life’s work. 


In it, I disciple the participants on how to have honest and intimate connection with God, as a lifestyle. 

Come  Experience...

Healing & Becoming

  • Learn to genuinely forgive from your heart 

  • Truly let go of offenses 

  • Identify and remove religious striving

  • Remove hinderances to accessing God’s love in your life

  • Allow your heart to enter into God’s Rest

  • Life from God’s love not for it

  • Learn to think God’s thoughts

  • Remove the false sources in your life

  • Be a witness to others— without trying so hard

  • Gain a revelation of your true identity

Spiritual Authority

  • Join in Jesus’ prayers for you & your loved ones

  • Engage in Worship as a Weapon

  • Intercede from your Seat of Authority

  • Learn to walk in the Greater Works of your Calling

  • Get control of your own thoughts

  • Learn to resist the enemy

  • Remove the enemy's access points to you

Spiritual Equipping

Learn to

  • Access the mind of Christ 

  • Commune with the Spirit in creative ways

  • Delve into your Oneness with Christ

  • Tune in to God’s voice in the divers ways he speaks

  • Stir up your own hunger for God’s presence

  • Prophesy

  • Read the Bible with God and hear his living voice within it

  • Interact with God daily in practical ways

  • Interact with & Mediate on Scripture 

Going Deeper

  • Worship and access God’s presence on your own

  • Connect with the Father’s heart in creative and life-giving ways

  • Connect with your own heart and hear its voice

  • Enjoy Authentic Worship 

  • Open your heart more to the Holy Spirit

  • Learn to experience God as Father, Husband, Friend, Counselor, Comforter and Beyond

  • Experience a renewed love of Jesus

  • Believe that you are his Beloved and Live Like it!!

How it works:

Each participant will have a month to dive in to a chapter of BTB. This includes listening prayer prompts, scripture study, worship experiences, healing tools, meditations and more.


Then we'll meet every 4th Wednesday from 6-7:30 (CST) via Zoom, starting on January 27th for group coaching.

This fellowship will create a space for you to process what you learned, ask questions, lend your strengths, receive support, experience God with others, and glean from other powerful women who are on the same journey: to walk in connection with Jesus and our hearts in all that we do. 

Monthly Group Coaching Includes:

  • Teaching from the book's author

  • Listening Prayer

  • Prophetic Activations: Giving and receiving words from God

  • Spirit Blessing

  • Heart Healing 

  • Receiving words of wisdom

  • Learning to tend to our own hearts

  • Opportunities to give and receive ministry

  • Powerful testimonies

  • The benefit of shared momentum


Option A

$45 Monthly Tuition Includes:

  • Live Monthly Zoom Classes with the author of BTB (from January-July)

  •  Lifetime access to the course classes via MemberVault

  • Ongoing connection with the BTB Community via Voxer

  • Unlimited access to the BTB Spotify worship playlist, containing over 100 praise and worship songs


Option B

$160 Monthly Tuition Includes:

  • All of the above

  • Plus a 60 minute personal coaching session with Lenay, based on the material in the study, from January-July

Reserve Your Spot Here:

The $25 registration fee reserves your space in class and includes your Beholding the Beloved Interactive Study Journal which will be mailed in December.

After 12/15/20, use this form to reserve your spot for $10. Be sure to grab your book on Amazon.

Look for a confirmation email to the address associated with your PayPal account. If you don't receive one with in 48 hours, email Lenay @



 *Registration is non refundable.*

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