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"The Glory of God is man FULLY ALIVE." (St. Irenaeus) You have been empowered by God to live a life of purpose, joy and deep fulfillment. You do not have to exhaust or forfeit your true self to get there. When you allow your essential self to emerge, you release God's beauty into your world. Bringing your true self to your sphere of influence as a gift is your birth right. This is attained through communion with God's Spirit.

I have taught others to tune into God's voice and think with him about all things from their past, to their dreams, goals and identity for over a decade. Together we encounter the His radical love in tangible ways. We break the subconscious fears and harmful thought patterns that have held them back from the path to reaching their fullest potential. God is thinking incredible things about you and he is inviting you to think with him!

Coaching Options

Select an option and follow the promptings.

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Spiritual Life Coaching  

I coach women to tune in to the thoughts and ideas of God and to see from a higher perspective in order to self actualize and live life to the fullest. 


We will work together to gain strategies to apply this in practical ways. This is accomplished primarily through the connection of your heart to that of the Father. We will also practice listening to the voice of your own spirit and tapping in to who you truly are. 

The end goal is to be empowered with the ability to be the best version of yourself, living in communion with the Spirit in every area of life. 


Emotional Detox

 The emotions we experience can positively or negative affect us on a cellular level. (Source: Dr. Candace Pert, The Molecules of Emotion) These sessions will enable you to let go of the toxic emotions that you have stored for years. You aren't meant to coexist with things like fear, bitterness, anxiety, 

jealousy, anger, shame, heaviness, doubt, hate and un-forgiveness.


The loving presence of your Maker will cover and empower you to release the things that are eating away at your health. With His guidance, you will exchange  your emotional baggage and receive the better things such as peace, forgiveness, confidence, revelation of God's love, joy, clarity, comfort, healing and an improved connection with God and your own heart. This will enable you to prosper from the inside out!

Spirit Soul & Body Breakthrough

Physical health concerns often have their root in unresolved spiritual and emotional pain. Physical problems often compound issues within our thought lives.


Healing happens from the inside out. I will work with you to remove the spiritual and emotional barriers to receiving your physical healing. God wants you to prosper in health as your soul prospers! This track is ideal to supplement those receiving medical treatments for illness. 


There is hope for healing for the body, soul and spirit and there are solutions! Partner with me to think with God about your healing and invite him in to your wellness journey. 

These 75 minute sessions are set monthly: 

3 months: $160/month or 6 months: $150/month

Coaching is Available remotely via Zoom.

Beholding the Beloved Class


“Working with Lenay as my spiritual life coach has been LIFE CHANGING! I love that she meets you where you are in your spiritual journey but she also challenges, affirms and encourages you. She really cares about helping you align your heart with the heart of the Father as you lean into His voice. Whether you're a new believer or you've been a friend of Jesus for a very long time, I highly recommend her!”

Dafne Wiswell, Holistic Health
+ Life Coach

This journey with Lenay has been an exciting, challenging and healing time for me spirit, soul and body for the last nine months. What I have found to be true is that in experiencing more breakthrough in my life, with help in identifying patterns and lies that keep me from being all that God has created me to be....and replacing them with the Truth of what Jesus says, my family receives the legacy of my breakthroughs. As my heart is more healed it opens up the way for healing breakthroughs to be a natural consequence for those around me...especially my family! Lenay offers a safe heart of wisdom, patience, mercy and letting the Holy Spirit lead and guide in His Truth. It's been a treasure to be with her as I journey deeper into my true identity and the heart of a good Father God."


Lenay has been coaching me for almost a year now, and I can wholeheartedly say she is truly an absolute gift from God. Her heart is true, her words kind and guiding, her talents extraordinary, and her clarity is spot on. Lenay's ministry touches my spiritual being and directs me deeper into God's unconditional love and acceptance for me and others around me. Her relational skills and maturity into her spiritual identity is profound; it spills (no floods) out onto me with each word she speaks. She is like a heavenly big sister who knows always what to do when circumstances arise - let's take it to Jesus! Prepare yourself for an inspirational journey into the heart of the Father and what He thinks of you when you find yourself under her influence in conversation. I give thanks to Lenay for stepping out in humility to bring her anointing and conviction of her God-given gifts and talents into the world and share them with other women! 

Lori Keiser

Spiritual life coaching has blessed me with an experiential knowing of God's great love and particular affection for me. This heart-knowledge, in turn, has birthed a tremendous desire to remove the barriers I create that block my partaking in God's love- to have the courage and commitment, with the aide of the Holy Spirit, to identify and let go of sin in my life (which is and always will be, I assure you, an ongoing process!).  Spiritual life coaching has re-birthed my walk with the Lord in ways that are blessing my most precious relationships!  I imagine it is like psychotherapy on steroids!

Nasha Holt M.D.


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Get the Book

A Guided Journey to Your Beloved...

God desires for you to live out of your vibrant connection to him. Out of that communion you can access the abundant life designed for you and prosper from the inside out.
This study journal is designed to empower you through scripture, contemplation, worship, and listening prayer to
  • Engage with God and your own heart.
  • Remove obstacles to your oneness with the Spirit and find lasting healing, freedom and breakthrough.
  • Explore practical tools for walking in joyful connection with God.
  • Leave behavior modification and striving behind.
  • Transform from the inside out as you behold Jesus.
  •  Learn to live victoriously out of your union with him.
This study will walk you through tools to empower you to interact with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in real ways.
You were created for face to face communion with your Maker. Get ready to behold your beloved and find yourself in him!
“As for me, I will see Your face in righteousness; I shall be satisfied when I awake in Your likeness.”
Psalm 17:15, KJV
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